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A must see! More hype than attraction. Basically you can say been there done that. Would be better if they had attached video to show the construction of it happening. We love to see unique things and the worlds largest popcorn ball fits right in that category. We liked the way it was inside so it is preserved, but with windows to be seen. It was also nice to have information posted about it. Its basically a bunch of popcorns assembled into a big ball. It's interesting to see if you The popcorn ball, made in is falling apart, but it still holds the world record for weight, over 9, lbs.

The little village behind it has a charming gazebo in the middle, and each of the buildings holds antiques appropriate When we first saw the sign for this attraction, we thought it might we a little corny. Turns out:it's massively corny. I have to admit, despite years as a popcorn enthusiast, I have not seen every oversized popcorn ball.

However, I believe there is a I love stopping by roadside oddities, especially if it claims to be the "World's Largest. It's sealed in a building on Main Street with fiberglass windows to view it You can park right in next to it, no line, no fee. Well worth the stop! I am a firm believer that when you are driving past a World record holding anything you should stop to see it. It takes just a couple minutes off the highway to get there and there are no tickets to buy or a line to Lost in the fun of this exhibit of the World's Largest Popcorn Ball is the fact that this region produces much of Iowa's popcorn.

This attraction is simply a take-off of what the local folks do and produce. It's worth a quick visit simply to Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Cart 0. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. World's Largest Popcorn Ball Is this your business? Review Highlights. Reviewed May 23, Reviewed December 19, All photos Full view. Traveler Overview. See all hours. Local Weather. Powered by Weather Underground. Improve This Listing. Thank you. TripAdvisor has been notified.

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Would you tell a friend to take an audio tour of this place? Thanks for helping! Share another experience before you go. Place the tray on the platter. Use remaining kettle corn and red velvet coated porncorn to create alternating stripes. Continuing our series on healthful choices, we are very proud to say that the corn we pop at Popcornopolis is GMO free.

So what exactly is a GMO? Why does this matter, you may ask? The primary concern is that this can throw off the natural balance of organisms and eco systems. Others are concerned about GMO plants' inability to naturally propogate without human intervention. It is unknown whether GMOs will harm the environment. At Popcornopolis, we strive to make popcorn that's as natural, pure and delicious as possible!

So we require written documentation from our corn farmers that they are indeed using GMO-Free corn. Popcornopolis enjoys promoting a healthful lifestyle, and our products reflect that.

Starting a Gourmet Popcorn Business – A Complete Guide

But why coconut? There are plenty of other oils that would surely do the trick. But we stick to coconut.

The original reason was quite simple. When we were first developing our Caramel Corn recipe, we tried many different combinations of oil and corn. Of course we wanted all our Popcornopolis flavors to be as delicious as possible, so we were thrilled with that discovery! As it turns out, our choice was even smarter than we knew Recently, coconut oil was found to have many health benefits.

Studies show its ability to help regulate blood sugar, boost thyroid function, and to increase metabolism, energy, and endurance. Most fats we consume are long-chain fatty acids. These fats must be broken down before they are absorbed. Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid, which means it is easily digested and is sent straight to the liver from the digestive track for energy production.

Since coconut oil increases your energy expenditure, this may potentially translate into weight loss as well. Yet another great benefit is that coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which is known to fight off bacteria, fungus, and infections. Almost half the fatty acids found in coconut oil are lauric! These are just a few of the health benefits. There are also studies that suggest coconut oil improves blood cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart disease. As an added bonus, coconut oil is great for protecting hair from damage and moisturizing skin — so many amazing benefits!

And to think, we first chose coconut oil just because it was so delicious! To read more about nutritional and other health and beauty benefits of coconut oil, read this article from authoritynutrition. We think you'll be impressed! You can enjoy this snack mix by either putting it in a bowl for your friends and family to grab a quick handful, or you can fill small treat bags and make then fun and special for the kiddos.

Either way, this sweet and salty combination makes for an irresistible treat! You can mix and match your favorite sweet and salty snacks with Popcornopolis Popcorn and add some red, white, and blue candies. Make sure the popcorn and snack mix is evenly dispersed and there are hardly any gaps between the ingredients. NOTE: Adding wax paper or foil on top of the baking sheet would make for an easier clean up. Microwave and stir until all chocolate is evenly melted. Grab a spoon and drizzle the melted white chocolate over the snack mix on the baking sheet.

It is completely up to you on how saturated you want your snack mix to be. NOTE: If you are a white chocolate lover you can even mix the ingredients on the baking sheet while drizzling to cover more surface area of the ingredients with the white chocolate. The snack mix will stay fresh for days. Everyone at Popcornopolis wishes you all the best in your summertime, fun-filled, creative endeavors!

Here at Popcornopolis fundraising, we provide the easiest and most profitable fundraising program in the industry. Having created a product and package that is second to none, Popcornopolis is fast becoming one of the most well-loved gourmet brands in America. Over the past 10 years, we have handed out over million free samples, exciting the taste buds of folks across the country. Delivered in our iconic cone-shaped packaging, Popcornopolis is at once a delicious snack, and a memorable gift. As thousands of customer reviews attest, this is a brand buzzing with enthusiastic fans and loyal followers.

Because folks know a good thing when they taste it. Request your free samples today and have them in time for your next group meeting. Your kit contains a cone of each of our 5 flavors , and all of the information you need to assess our proven fundraising system. The program works for large and small groups alike by offering products that are both affordable and delicious, and welcome in any community. Jonathan Klein Director of Fundraising Popcornopolis www. Since its introduction, HFCS consumption in America has grown to amazingly high quantities—over 60 pounds per person every year.

You may have heard from various news sources and TV ads that HFCS and regular table sugar are processed identically in the body, and are therefore nutritionally indistinguishable.

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We beg to differ…. Pure cane sugar of the type we use at Popcornopolis consists of two tightly bonded molecules—glucose and fructose—in a naturally-occuring ratio. Because of the tight chemical bond between the two sugar molecules, the body must use an enzyme to break down the substance before digesting it. As with any natural food, this digestive process takes time.

Because the two molecules are unbound, the fructose can go directly to the liver, where fat is produced triglycerides and chloresterols. Meanwhile, the unbound glucose creates a huge insulin spike, which triggers the body to store those fats. Although it is true that regularly consuming large amounts of any type of sugar is unhealthy, as far as your body and health are concerned, HFCS is NOT the same as pure cane sugar.

There are even more compelling reasons to reduce or eliminate our consumption of HFCS, and those are contained in Dr. Let us know what you think. Incorporating popcorn into a themed party, whether it be a birthday party, bachelorette party or a spur of the moment girls night in, can be super fun and even more exciting when you can have popcorn that fits the themed colors of the event! Rest assured, this party will be just as fabulous as you are! When it comes to pulling off a successful Sex and the City themed party, it is an absolute must to incorporate cosmopolitan martinis and stilettos into the mix.

Since the color black is easy to work with, we chose pink as the second color to pair with the black and white zig-zag striped plates. To give it that extra touch, we put a variety of drink glasses paired with stiletto shoe cut outs on top of the napkins. With all the gourmet popcorn varieties to choose from, the possibilities are endless! For this party, we chose to show the two Sex and the City movies. What kind of movie themed party will you be hosting? Does All Corn Pop?

The hull in popcorn differs from the other three types, in that it has just the right amount of thickness to allow the kernel to build up pressure and then to burst open. Each kernel of popcorn also has a small amount of water stored inside a circle of soft starch. The soft starch that was holding the water bursts out creating the shapes we all know and love — popcorn! Remember when we said the hull was the key to making popcorn pop? Hulls can get stuck between your teeth, which is why we at Popcornopolis add a special cooking process that eliminates as many of the hulls as possible once the corn has popped.

Did you know these fun popcorn facts? How did you think popcorn popped? Sound off in the comments below! We've been seeing a lot of questions lately about the different types of popcorn. It can only survive if planted and protected by humans. Scientists believe people living in central Mexico developed corn at least years ago. It was started from a wild grass called teosinte. In the modern world, there are primarily 3 major types of corn being grown: Dent Corn, Sweet Corn and Popcorn.

Dent corn gets its name from the dimple or dent that forms on the top of each kernel as it dries. High in starch, dent corn is used for animal feed, and is also used for making corn syrups, bio-fuels and bio-plastics. Although not particularly good for eating, dent corn is an incredibly versatile crop.

It is harvested in its immature stage, and enjoyed as a fresh food, rather than being left to dry. According to a National Geographic study , there were once individual types of sweet corn cultivated on the planet. Footnote 2. Popcorn is a special type of corn possessing a very dense, moisture-resistant shell or hull. The strong hull allows pressure to build up inside the kernel when heated, until the whole kernel literally explodes! Although there are other whole grains including amaranth and sorghum which can also pop, popcorn is the most impressive! For a super-slow motion video of a popcorn kernel popping, click here.

Here's a little known fact: Hominy is really just sweet corn that has been alkalized in a mineral lime bath! The soaking process softens the kernels, loosens the hulls, and also causes the kernels to double in size! Hominy has many uses. It can be coarsely ground to create grits, or mashed to make the masa which is a Mexican staple used to make tortillas, tamales, and even the beverage known as atole.

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Broadly speaking there are two types of popcorn: Butterfly and Mushroom. Its relatively delicate shape means butterfly popcorn is best consumed fresh-popped for maximum crunch and freshness. Its sturdy baseball shape without those fragile butterfly wings withstands the processes of candy-coating, and because of its exceptional surface area, accepts other flavors like cheddar cheese!

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There are white butterfly strains and yellow ones—and some pop better than others. Believe it or not, no two strains look, taste, and crunch exactly the same when popped. With that said, Popcornopolis has sourced an incredibly delicious strain of white butterfly corn to make our Nearly Naked Popcorn recipe. It has an unusually tender and crispy crunch, and once popped in our coconut oil and gently salted, it requires nothing more to deliver an amazingly sublime popcorn eating experience.

We highly recommend it, and you can try it here. When we make a recipe that calls for the properties of mushroom popcorn, here again, we choose only the finest strains from the most reputable popcorn growers. Properly popped mushroom popcorn coated in our family caramel recipe is another one of those exceptional popcorn experiences. Footnote 4 Recently, Popcornopolis established a network of American farmers to supply top-quality certified organic popcorn, furthering our commitment to organic products and ingredients. We provide all the materials you need to launch your campaign plus helpful guides to maximize your profits, so you can support your favorite team with everything they need for a successful season.

Popcornopolis is the choice of champions when it comes to sports fundraising! Our yummy gourmet popcorn varieties, iconic package, and comprehensive resource kit will generate all the excitement, team spirit and participation you need to meet and exceed your campaign goals. Check out our friends at Mother Lode Youth Soccer pictured below.

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Sports fans of all ages love affordable, delicious gourmet popcorn— it's a fundraising homerun! We all know how much our children benefit from programs and enrichment activities supported by school fundraisers! By simply linking to our gourmet popcorn blog, teachers and students can access fact-based posts about non-GMO grains , various corn and popcorn types , cane sugar versus fructose corn sweeteners , and the benefits of coconut oil! Check out other articles in this educational blog, and when you are done, read all about our 5 Easy Steps to Success to learn more about our proven fundraising program!

Before the party, craft some popcorn and wine tasting cards, pull out your long stem wine glasses and grab your prettiest serving bowls. Then fill the room with votives, add your favorite playlist and prepare for a uniquely delectable and incredibly joy-filled evening! Such unadulterated popcorn deliciousness demands a bright, fruity companion like this citrusy Sauvignon Blanc. They make a measurable impact with their charitable partners through every product in their family of brands. Indeed, a quick trip to Wikipedia confirms Neapolitan ice cream was brought to the United States by Italian immigrants in the late 19th century.

Smart folks, those Italians!