Die Funktion von Öko-Label unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Bio-Siegels (German Edition)

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Member States may choose to extend the new restriction on the right of rebate to goods other than immovable property. The second paragraph of Art. However, Art. In the past, even a minimal taxed use was sufficient to allow a full and immediate deduction of the input VAT.

The subsequent taxation of the private use under Art. Under the new rules, a taxed business use of e. The questions seem to reflect certain concerns but, and although it is true that Member States now dispose of the freedom to include all types of business assets, the Commission is not of the opinion that these rules would lead to a breach of equality or proportionality.

Betreft: Begroting budgetlijn 15 05 55; Jeugd in actie. In de toelichting worden verscheidene doelstellingen uiteengezet, waaronder de ontwikkeling van het Europees burgerschap, het versterken van solidariteitsbesef en inspelen op speciale behoeften van jongeren in landen van het EU nabuurschapsbeleid. Hoe wordt de doeltreffendheid en doelmatigheid van projecten met dergelijke vage doelstellingen gemeten en aangetoond? Twee van de algemene doelstellingen van dat programma zijn de bevordering van actief burgerschap van jongeren in het algemeen en van hun Europees burgerschap in het bijzonder, en de ontwikkeling van de solidariteit en de bevordering van de verdraagzaamheid onder jongeren, vooral met het oog op de versterking van de sociale samenhang van de Europese Unie.

In deze omstandigheden heeft de Commissie niet het voornemen de uitvoering van een door de wetgever aangenomen programma op de helling te zetten. De Commissie is het er niet mee eens dat het onmogelijk zou zijn te meten of een bepaalde actie heeft bijgedragen tot de ontwikkeling van de solidariteitszin. If not, why not? Does the Commission agree with the PVV that citizenship can only be seen in the context of sovereign countries and, what is more, cannot be imposed on people by the EU?

How is the effectiveness and efficiency of projects with such vague aims measured and demonstrated? Eine Niederlassung von Lebewesen wildlebender Art ist somit unwahrscheinlich. The various Annexes of the FFH Directive provide a precise list of which areas and species are to be protected. A business in my constituency is looking to develop a site within the local authority area. In this case, the area is a farmed meadow located right on the edge of the local authority and on a busy country road.

In addition, the local authority would be willing to expand the area in a different direction. Colonisation by wild species is therefore unlikely. How can we proceed in this case with a minimum of red tape, so as to implement this project? In the Commission announced that it was promoting a research study aimed at developing a multi-dimensional global university ranking.

The Commission pointed out the three main characteristics of this new ranking tool: its multi-dimensional nature, its transparency and its global orientation. However, the classification of both public and private institutions is unavoidable, putting private institutions in higher positions than public institutions.

One of the strengths of European higher education is its diversity. The main responsibility for achieving excellence rests with Member States and education institutions themselves. The Commission's role is to support higher education institutions, including by providing tools which enable them to assess their performance and more generally to support the Member States via the actions presented in the above Modernisation Agenda.

Public and private institutions must pursue excellence in terms of their own priorities; it is neither a Commission task nor a Commission goal to ensure that either public or private institutions reach the highest positions in the ranking, but rather that the performance of all should become more transparent. The Commission agrees that is it important to ensure the quality, transparency and independence of the ranking system and to protect it from any private interest.

That is why the ranking will be run by an independent body, overseen by an advisory board consisting of relevant stakeholders and the Commission to ensure this. First results will be published end , via a project funded by the European Commission. The wind farms that have been sprouting up in great numbers recently are causing increasing controversy. In recent years, a growing number of wind farms have also been established in Poland. However, the lack of legal regulations on the distance of wind farms from buildings and households allows wind farms to develop in an uncontrolled way, devoid of rules on location.

Constructing wind farms in Poland often involves abuses, breaking the law and a lack of respect for the landscape, environment and citizens. Local authorities come under pressure from investors and are tempted by easy budgetary revenue, even at the cost of local development strategy. However, the worst is that this often happens without the knowledge of any test results regarding the potential impact of the undertaking. If so, with which precise regulations? If an EIA is carried out it has to assess, amongst others things, the effects of a project on human beings, fauna, flora, and landscape.

Consultation with the public is a key feature of environmental assessment procedures. The Commission has not issued minimum standards with regard to wind farms and environment as each project has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The Commission is not aware of any work specifically on the impact of wind farms on human health.

On the basis of the practical conclusions of the above actions, does the Commission expect to take any new initiatives in this sector? Grant agreements were signed at the outset of a selection procedure organised as part of an open call for proposals which was open to all Member States. All relevant stakeholders were encouraged to participate. No organisations based in Greece formed part of any of the three successful project networks.

The results of these projects, co-financed via Preparatory Actions in the field of Sport, will be disseminated by the leading organisations. The projects have thus far demonstrated the relevance of multi-actor networks — including but not limited to sports organisations — pioneering the development of new approaches to doping prevention. These licensed environmental verifiers can be either legal or natural persons.

Thus the two legislative instruments deal with two distinctly different situations. The draft Commission Regulation introduces the term 'certification of verifiers' to underline this difference and avoid any potential misunderstanding. Furthermore, mutual recognition of verifiers is a key element of the draft Commission Regulation. To ensure the full and effective realisation of the mutual recognition of all verifiers, it introduces a system for the certification of verifiers that provides the same guarantees as the one applicable to the accreditation of verifiers.

To that end, the draft Commission Regulation requires that the Member State, which chooses to make use of the certification option, appoints a national authority and supplies all supplementary evidence necessary to the Commission and the other Member States as proof that that national authority fulfills the same requirements as a national accreditation body. In case of an incorrect verification, who assumes the responsibility for consequences? The draft Commission Regulation aims to set up a detailed and high-quality process for the verification of greenhouse gas emission reports and tonne-kilometre reports submitted by an operator or aircraft operator.

That verification process involves, notably, the correct and effective reporting of greenhouse gas emissions; the technical skills of the verifiers; the continuous improvement of internal processes by verifiers, notably as for their independence and impartiality. The draft Commission Regulation addresses the reliability of verification for users and recalls that the process of verifying emission reports shall be an effective and reliable tool in support of quality assurance and quality control procedures.

In the event of an incorrect verification, the question of responsibility should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Tale iniziativa potrebbe rientrare tra quelle finanziate con i progetti pilota dell'Unione europea? I lavori relativi alla campagna sono iniziati nel gennaio The city administration in Strasbourg has decided to fund a project that prescribes hours of cycling to those who may derive health benefits from it. Considering the environmental, educational and medical aims of the project, does it intend to dedicate appropriate funding to projects that focus on raising awareness of sustainable transport, particularly if it can benefit the health of citizens, as in the case of bicycles?

For individual projects to be selected for funding, however, they need to fulfill all the criteria described in the work plans adopted each year by the Commission and selected in terms of quality by external evaluators in a competitive process. The work programme will be adopted by the end of The funding of pilot projects is possible if included on a list of pilot projects approved by the Parliament as part of the annual budgetary procedure. Raddoppiare il valore del commercio elettronico europeo entro il in sedici mosse.

E mentre l'e-commerce decolla in tutto il mondo, con cifre quasi record raggiunte durante il periodo natalizio, l'Europa inizia a preoccuparsi della concorrenza. Il leader del settore sembra essere diventato la Cina, con miliardi di dollari in transazioni, ed entro il pare che gli acquisti via Internet possano eguagliare, se non superare, quelli effettuati fisicamente in negozio. Online shopping is a continually growing market, although in Italy it is still relegated to a niche role.

And while e-commerce is taking off around the world, with near record numbers reached during the Christmas period, Europe has begun to worry about the competition. How it intends to protect consumers with regard to the security of payments, including shipping logistics and guarantees that the purchased product matches the product advertised on the Internet;. How it intends to counterbalance the online sales market in an economy which is likely to become the exclusive preserve of Asia. La Commission rendra publiques ses conclusions d'ici la fin du mois de juillet La crisi che si protrae oramai dal sta mettendo in ginocchio molte imprese.

Molti giovani imprenditori poi, nel momento in cui costituiscono un'impresa, non possiedono un'adeguata esperienza nella gestione aziendale e mancano di competenze cruciali per la buona riuscita del loro progetto imprenditoriale. Una valutazione intermedia dell'azione preparatoria — realizzata peraltro ad uno stadio precoce dell'azione e quindi fondata su dati limitati — fornisce del pari proiezioni interessanti in termini di creazione di posti di lavoro.

The crisis that has been dragging on since is bringing many companies to their knees. The danger is that Italy, like many other Member States, could lose an entire generation of entrepreneurs. This is happening because the business world is becoming increasingly competitive and the difficult economic situation is even reducing the more established areas of industry, thereby discouraging many young people with business ideas, but not the strength, financial or otherwise, to realise them. Furthermore, when setting up a company, many young entrepreneurs lack sufficient experience of business administration and the crucial skills needed to make their project a success.

These shortcomings, together with the fact that the companies created mostly only operate at national level, considerably limit their growth. To resolve the problem, the European Commission has created the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, to help entrepreneurs to gain important skills and expand their activities at European level. In view of the above, can the Commission say how many young people have been able to take advantage of this programme since its inception? Can it also state the main objectives of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme?

Is it possible to indicate the nature and quantity of the results achieved by European SMEs managed by young people who have been able to make good use of the idea? Oggetto: Possibili fondi per l'Associazione Polje. L'Associazione Polje si occupa ogni anno, all'interno della dolina, oltre che dell'organizzazione di visite guidate, anche di manifestazioni culturali, come spettacoli teatrali e concerti. Since it has been entrusted with responsibility for managing the Pulo by the Province of Bari, the organisation that owns the site, and is working to enhance its value, ensuring that it is used in a manner that is respectful to the environment and its historic and archaeological heritage.

The Pulo in Molfetta is interesting not only from an archaeological and geological point of view but also — and no less importantly — for its natural value, which makes this relatively small site extremely important in terms of biodiversity both for its flora and fauna. Every year, the Polje Consortium Association organises guided tours and cultural initiatives in the sinkhole, including theatrical performances and concerts.

Is it aware of the activities and projects carried out by the Polje Consortium Association? Given the cultural, historic and archaeological objectives of the association, could the Polje Consortium benefit from European funding for its activities? La distanza dal target tende quindi a ridursi per l'Italia, arrivata a soltanto 0,3 punti percentuali al di sotto della soglia. La Commissione incentiva l'elaborazione di strategie nazionali di ricerca e di innovazione che precisino orientamenti tematici chiari e ben individuati.

La Commissione rende pubblici. At this historic moment, innovation is a fundamental strategy for driving mature economies towards recovery so that they may finally emerge from the difficult crisis which has had a negative impact on investments and competition. In Italy, in , 1. The distance from the target is therefore tending to decrease in Italy, which is now just 0. Does the Commission have data concerning which sectors attract most investment from Member States? This directive requires Member States to implement return, collection and recovery systems in order to achieve recovery and recycling objectives.

However, the directive does not address the degree to which consumer food packaging is filled. That is, there is no regulation concerning the amount of empty space that such packaging may contain. Many food products on sale in retail outlets are packaged in such a way that a considerable proportion of the packaging is empty space, which increases packaging waste and the logistical costs of the product.

Furthermore, it misleads consumers, who often choose a larger product, regardless of whether there is a difference in the amount of content within the packaging. If EU legislation defined a minimum degree of filling for consumer packaging, producers would have no reason to waste resources on manufacturing oversized packaging and it would be easier for consumers to compare the amount of product contained within the packaging.

Indeed, the Commission stated in its Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, which was published last year, that the Member States and the Commission intended to investigate measures for optimising the resource efficiency of packaging from onwards. Does the Commission intend to consider measures, in this or in any other regard, by which the degree of filling of consumer packaging could be increased?

One of these requirements is that packaging weight and volume must be reduced to the minimum necessary for safety, hygiene and consumer acceptance of the packaged product. The Commission does not currently have the intention to propose further measures to increase the degree of filing of packaging. Oggetto: Itinerario culturale di Santiago de Compostela. La Commissione non prevede di proporre prossimamente misure specifiche in materia. Witness statements revealed that the young man had been swimming for an hour before drowning and that the rescue services arrived too late.

It appears that the route is known for other accidents and deaths that have occurred there in the past as a result of a failure to signpost areas that are dangerous due to changeable weather conditions and currents. The transfer of corpses in Europe is subject to the Council of Europe Agreement, which is designed to simplify the administrative formalities for transferring remains between the contracting parties.

Spain has signed the agreement in and ratification and entry into force of the agreement took place in Italy has not signed the agreement so far. The Commission does not plan to propose any specific measures on this subject in the immediate future. Even more interesting, though, is what cannot be found in the answers. Has the Commission ever in fact found a single case of moral harassment? If so, how many cases has it found?

If not, it would appear to believe that moral harassment simply cannot exist within the Commission. We may also be forced to draw the conclusion that its policy to combat moral harassment is of no use, since it is apparently unable to detect such a phenomenon. What is the practical difference between moral harassment and inappropriate behaviour? Out of the 28 administrative investigations mentioned above, can the Commission publish the number of cases in which the behaviour complained about was considered to be inappropriate behaviour?

What were the actual consequences for the perpetrators and victims e. Since the Commission has a comprehensive anti-harassment policy in place, it does not deem it justified to carry out surveys on this specific area of HR policy. To the best of the Commission's knowledge, other institutions do not carry out such detailed surveys.

The total amount of cases refers to relational problems as a whole. Support and assistance is provided in all cases of relational problems, be they harassment or not. According to the Staff Regulations, psychological harassment occurs when four conditions are cumulatively met. Out of 28 administrative investigations opened between and for allegations of psychological harassment, 15 cases were closed without follow-up.

In five cases, a sanction for inappropriate conduct was taken. Three cases were transmitted to other competent services for follow-up measures. Five investigations have not yet led to a final decision by the Appointing Authority. Risposta congiunta di Catherine Ashton a nome della Commissione. Tal foi feito em 2 de maio de North Korea is planning to launch a rocket to assert the authority of Kim Jong-un. Various experts have already stressed the possibility that the launch will fail and that, instead of falling into the Yellow Sea or the Pacific, the rocket may change course, with all the resulting consequences.

The occasion will be marked by a ballistic launch, described by the Korean media as the launch of a satellite for meteorological observations. Several foreign journalists have been invited to the event and welcomed at the Soahe satellite station, but not even they are able to pinpoint exactly what it is: The military technology used is the same both for predicting the weather and attaching a nuclear warhead to the missile.

Whether she is informed of the matter and what other information she can provide, particularly on whether these are experiments that foreshadow future nuclear tests? These additional designations are already included in the list of EU autonomous designations. Oggetto: Macellazioni rituali e benessere degli animali.

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Ritiene che la ricerca Dialrel abbia prodotto risultati positivi in ordine al prevalere o meno degli interessi degli animali nella macellazione? Non ritiene che sia necessaria una normativa applicabile in tutti gli Stati dell'Unione che omologhi i provvedimenti in materia di macellazione rituale? La Commissione ritiene che le disposizioni UE in tema di protezione degli animali al momento della macellazione o dell'abbattimento.

Il progetto di ricerca DIALREL ha contribuito a realizzare progressi nel campo della macellazione rituale, in particolare istituendo un dialogo tra le parti interessate. La Commissione ha diffuso questi risultati agli Stati membri. Last year in the Netherlands, a measure was adopted, tabled by both the government and the opposition, which bans the slaughter of animals using ritual methods that exclude the use of anaesthetics or stunning systems. A similar ban has also been in force for some time in other European countries, such as Sweden and Austria, whereas in other Member States, such as Italy, the law tolerates ritual slaughter.

The law, tabled by a cross-party group, has ignited the debate between the defenders of animal rights and the defenders of religious freedom. Considering the protocol annexed to the EC treaty on the protection and welfare of animals, and taking into account the need to respect religious rites and cultural traditions, does the Commission not believe that animals should nevertheless be stunned prior to slaughter?

Does it also not believe that failing to implement the protocol, in addition to failing to respect the rights of animals, leads to an exacerbation of the differences between the various countries and different cultures? Does it believe that the Dialrel research has produced positive results with regard to allowing the interests of animals to prevail when slaughtered? Is it aware of the health consequences for people who consume meat from animals that have been exposed to enormous rushes of adrenaline?

The DIALREL research project has contributed to make progress in the field of ritual slaughter in particular by establishing a dialogue between stakeholders. The Commission has publicised these results to the Member States. Stress experienced by animals shortly before or during slaughter may result in abnormal meat quality with associated reduced shelf life, but does not affect the safety of the meat.

Betreft: Mogelijke schadelijke gevolgen van e chemische verbinding 4-methylimidazole in de procedure van voedsel en dranken. Frisdrankproducenten Coca-Cola en Pepsi gebruiken karamel om hun frisdranken te kleuren. Bij de productie van de als kleurstof toegevoegde karamel zou de chemische verbinding 4-methylimidazole 4-MEI ontstaan.

Coca-Cola en Pepsi hebben als gevolg hiervan het recept voor hun frisdranken aangepast door de hoeveelheid 4-MEI te verlagen. Het panel lette bij de beoordeling ook specifiek op uit de productie van deze karamelkleurstoffen voortkomende bijproducten, zoals 4-MEI in Ec en Ed. Toen werd aangeraden om de niveaus van deze bijproducten zo laag te houden als technologisch mogelijk.

Overweegt de Commissie om nader onderzoek te doen naar de mogelijke schadelijke gevolgen van de chemische verbinding 4-methylimidazole in de productie van voedsel en dranken? Soft drinks producers Coca-Cola and Pepsi use caramel to add colour to their soft drinks. On the basis of this study, the State of California has introduced a law which obliges Coca-Cola and Pepsi to place a health warning on their cans. As a result of this, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have changed the recipe of their soft drinks by lowering the quantity of 4-MEI.

The panel paid particular attention during the assessment to the by-products which form during the production of these caramel colourings, such as 4-MEI in Ec and Ed. It was recommended then that the levels of these by-products should be kept as low as technologically feasible. Is the Commission contemplating conducting more detailed research into the possible damaging effects of the chemical compound 4-methylimidazole formed during the production of food and drinks? De sancties moeten doeltreffend, evenredig en afschrikkend zijn. These penalties should be effective, proportionate and dissuasive.

Im Rahmen einer von Dr. The government of Kosovo is determined to build, with the support of the World Bank, a new lignite-based power plant in order to secure its energy demands. A governmental committee has prequalified four private investors and is waiting for a Partial Risk Guarantee to be issued by the World Bank. The New Kosovo Power Plant is part of a comprehensive energy strategy including the rehabilitation of the Kosovo B plant, closure of Kosovo A and developing energy efficiency and renewable energies. The Commission fully subscribes to this analysis.

The project constitutes the best option for the earliest closure of Kosovo A, which is strongly supported by the Commission and can only be implemented once replacement generation capacity is secured. The Commission, with the Energy Community Secretariat, will scrupulously monitor that Kosovo meets its commitments and ensure the new private power company will not abuse its position.

The Commission is supporting the Energy Regulatory Office and the Competition Authority to enforce energy sector competition rules. According to the IMF, policies aimed at reducing debt on the basis of the assets of a household and debt servicing payments linked to income could be a solution that would not involve burdens on economic activity. It also considers such strategies to be particularly important for economies with currently limited potential for expansive macroeconomic policies and where the fiscal sector has already received support from the state. Is it aware of the report in question?

What is its position on the need for carrying out a restructuring of housing loans in Member States, in particular in those Member States which have serious fiscal problems and are in recession? The substantial deleveraging currently observed across different sectors reflects corrections of debt levels towards more sustainable positions on the internal as well as the external side of the economy. The Commission therefore agrees that household deleveraging is a key element to be considered, however not in isolation, but alongside efforts to stabilise the banking system and provide for sound fiscal positions.

Indeed, dealing with these challenges are priorities in the overall strategy to respond to the crises and in terms of surveillance the Stability and Growth Pact and the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure are particularly pertinent in this context. The IMF's World Economic Outlook describes alternative macroeconomic policies to help households deal with their excessive debt. However, it also shows that not all efforts to restructure household debt were equally successful in the past.

Relieving house holds of their excessive debt should be assessed on a case by case basis and it is by no means the right tool for all countries and in all circumstances. Indeed, the RIHS delegation sought his opinion because he is a prominent spiritual leader whose views on Islam are seen as immensely authoritative. As such, it is possible to interpret his comments to the organisation as inciting religious intolerance and hatred, and as encouraging terrorist ideology on the Arabian Peninsula.

And we recognise the importance of our working with [third countries] but within the context too of addressing all forms of discrimination against those who have faith […] Working with countries with whom we need to establish strong relations in order to support our objectives but also in support of our views, values and beliefs. The EU will continue to raise these issues with its Gulf interlocutors, making full use of the opportunities at its disposal. No es la primera vez que se arresta a Halil Savda por cuestiones de conciencia.

Considerando que:. Am In Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass. Halil Savda wurde am Betreft: Vrijlating van de Turkse dienstweigeraar op grond van gewetensbezwaren en mensenrechtenactivist Halil Savda. Wat zal zij doen om de rechten van dienstweigeraars op grond van gewetensbezwaren in Turkije te vrijwaren en de vrijlating van Halil Savda te bewerkstelligen? De Commissie heeft de zaak met de Turkse autoriteiten besproken en volgt deze nauwlettend.

This is not the first time that Halil Savda has been imprisoned for reasons of conscience. Considering that:. What will it do to safeguard the rights of conscientious objectors in Turkey and secure the release of Halil Savda? Oggetto: Finanziamento occulto da parte della BCE alle case automobilistiche. Volkswagen Financial Services, braccio finanziario della casa madre automobilistica Volkswagen, ha partecipato all'asta di febbraio indetta dalla BCE e ha preso in prestito 2 miliardi di euro. L'onorevole parlamentare solleva la questione delle possibili ripercussioni che un prestito di 2 miliardi di EUR concesso dalla Banca centrale europea BCE a Volkswagen Financial Services, braccio finanziario del gruppo Volkswagen, potrebbe avere sulla concorrenza tra i produttori di autovetture.

Al momento la Commissione non dispone di informazioni dettagliate su come Volkswagen abbia effettivamente utilizzato il prestito e non sa se altri produttori di automobili abbiano ottenuto finanziamenti dalla BCE. Since, to all intents and purposes, it is a bank, it had the power to do so, but it has used these borrowings to lend money to customers to purchase new vehicles at interest rates that are lower than the financial market. This appears to be a masked subsidy of the automotive sector, which could distort internal competition. The Honourable Member raises the issue of the possible impact on competition between carmakers of a two billion loan granted by the European Central Bank ECB to Volkswagen Financial Services, the financing arm of the Volkswagen group.

The Commission has no detailed information at this stage on how the money was indeed used by Volkswagen and whether other car manufacturers also borrowed funds from the ECB. Oggetto: Il patrimonio culturale europeo — quale ruolo nel futuro programma Horizon Tale decisione potrebbe avere conseguenze molto negative, dato che verrebbe minata alla base la strategia di supporto alla conservazione del patrimonio culturale europeo, in contraddizione rispetto a quelle che sono alcune decisioni della stessa Commissione in merito a questo tema.

Come pensa di colmare tale lacuna riconoscendo a livello trasversale e multidisciplinare l'importanza del patrimonio culturale europeo all'interno delle diverse sfide sociali contenute nella proposta legislativa Horizon ? La Commissione annette grande importanza al sostegno alla ricerca in materia di patrimonio culturale in tutte le sue forme. In recent years the European Union has shown its desire to support and promote the protection of European cultural heritage meaning tangible and intangible assets as a whole , placing a strong priority on the sector.

The protection of cultural heritage on an EU level must not exclude the scientific community, since this would jeopardise the sustainability of the interventions and investments of monetary and human resources committed up to now. The Commission has recently stated on more than one occasion that cultural heritage will be covered within the Fifth Societal Challenge climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials and the Sixth Societal Challenge inclusive, innovative and secure societies.

However, relegating the protection of cultural heritage to climatic aspects based on the connection with the energy efficiency of the thousands of historic buildings in Europe , the nanotechnology, materials and tourism industries and to ICT, seems too simplistic. The Commission attaches a high importance to support research related to cultural heritage in all its forms. It is expected that Horizon will continue promoting the multi-disciplinary and cross-cutting aspect of cultural heritage research. O artigo 2. Over recent years, the criteria for defining SMEs have been under discussion, with many specialists believing that the criteria should change with economic developments.

Is it considering reviewing the current classification for SMEs, as called for by various specialists and the strategic studies that have been produced? The Commission carries out a regular monitoring of the implementation of the SME definition. Since its entry into force in , the Commission has carried out two evaluations and prepared respective implementation reports in and after consultation of Member States, business organisations and other stakeholders.

In both reports, the Commission concluded that the definition was being applied without any notable difficulties. A new review of the SME definition is being performed in , and the Commission has signed a contract with an external consultant to carry out an independent evaluation. The evaluation will take into account general economic developments as well as specific issues related to the implementation of the definition. The evaluation may not necessarily translate into a revision of the definition, as it was not the case at the time of previous evaluations in and Any changes may be introduced only after obtaining solid evidence and after having weighed their impact on the administrative burden for enterprises, since the stability of the SME definition is a key aspect of legal certainty for enterprises.

Oggetto: Impegni imposti dalla Commissione a fronte della concessione di aiuti di Stato all'aviazione. L'articolo , paragrafo 3, del trattato sul funzionamento dell'Unione Europea impone agli Stati membri di informare tempestivamente la Commissione in merito ai progetti diretti a istituire o modificare aiuti. L'articolo dispone inoltre che tutti gli aiuti di Stato siano comunicati e valutati dalla Commissione, prima dell'adozione delle misure previste.

In caso di dubbio, tuttavia, la Commissione incoraggia gli Stati membri, per ragioni di certezza del diritto, a notificare le misure statali previste prima della loro attuazione. In occasione di un'eventuale denuncia in merito alle misure statali a favore di una determinata impresa o di un determinato settore indipendentemente dall'avvenuta notifica , la Commissione procede di norma ad un'indagine.

Whereas such undertakings can include the sale of assets, and the reduction of capacity or presence on the market and, therefore, a possible reduction in staff, in order to prevent unjustified distortions of competition;. Whereas the Court of Justice of the European Union has consistently held that the use of state aid — whether in the form of capital increases or of loan guarantees — merely to fund the modernisation of the beneficiary company or to maintain its competitive position or to expand its fleet is explicitly forbidden:.

It also requires all state aid measures to be notified and assessed by the Commission before the envisaged measures are implemented. However, the state may participate in the economy on the same terms and conditions of a market economy investor expecting a return on his investment. In other words, state measures in favour of a company, which are granted on the same commercial terms and conditions as a market economy investor would accept, do not require notification, as such measures are not deemed to involve state aid.

With reference to the example brought forward by the Honourable Member, if a guarantee granted by a Member State falls under one of the abovementioned exceptions, an ex-ante notification is not necessary. However, in case of doubt, the Commission encourages Member States to notify the intended state measures before their implementation for reasons of legal certainty. The Commission will then assess the potential distortion of competition caused by any state aid element before the implementation of the measures. In cases where the Commission receives a complaint concerning state measures regardless of whether they are notified or non-notified in favour of a certain company or a certain sector, it will normally investigate the matter.

El jueves 29 de marzo, durante las acciones organizadas de la huelga general, los Mossos d'Esquadra detuvieron a una cincuentena de personas, entre ellas a tres estudiantes universitarios, quienes ni son delincuentes ni tienen antecedentes policiales. They were arrested and taken to the Les Corts police station in Barcelona. They were then each transferred to separate prison facilities, where they were held in temporary pre-trial detention without bail.

They are accused of causing a public disturbance, damaging public property and assaulting police officers, among other offences. They are being held under preventive arrest to ensure their availability to the court and to prevent them from supposedly reoffending. This clearly violates the presumption of innocence and the conditions under which preventive detention may be ordered. In that matter it is thus for Member States alone to ensure that their obligations regarding fundamental rights — as resulting from international agreements and from their internal legislation — are respected.

Therefore, the Commission is not in a position to comment further on the fundamental rights issues raised by the question of the Honourable Member. The Commission is reflecting on ways to strengthen mutual trust and mutual recognition across the Union in the area of detention, within the limits of EU competence. The Commission received many replies from Member States as well as from other stakeholders and will analyse all responses and conduct all necessary research to assess whether any action is required at the European level.

Dieses Waldgebiet ist aber ein wichtiger Lebensraum der selten gewordenen Orang-Utans. Wenn ja, innerhalb welcher Frist? According to press reports, the Tripa peat swamp forest on the west coast of Sumatra Indonesia has been burning for some time. According to environmental protection organisations, the fires which have over centres were started by people in order to set up palm oil plantations.

However, this forest area is an important habitat for the increasingly rare orangutan. The destruction of their habitat robs not only them but also other greatly reduced populations, such as rhinoceros and elephants, of their natural home. Is the Commission aware of the systematic destruction of the rain forest for the purpose of creating plantations on Sumatra?

In particular, does Indonesia receive special environmental or agricultural support from EU budgets? Is the Commission considering steps to save the rain forest on Sumatra? If so, what is the timescale involved? The Commission is aware of the ongoing deforestation in Sumatra associated with plantation development; indeed through its analysis of remote sensing information the Commission's Joint Research Centre has contributed to a greater understanding of the extent and dynamics of such deforestation in South-East Asia. The main areas of support are in the fields of environment, governance and civil society capacity-building, education and regional integration.

While there is no general environmental conditionality for EU financial support to Indonesia, individual projects with a potential impact on the environment must identify and mitigate such impacts. Can the Commission provide details regarding its diplomatic and economic relations with South Sudan? Come intende procedere per permettere al Vescovo Christoforos di celebrare, nelle zone occupate, le liturgie, in particolare quelle legate alla Settimana Santa? Il regime di occupazione turco ha respinto le richieste del vescovo di Neapolis, Porfirio e del sacerdote Diomidis Konstantinou, appartenenti alla Chiesa ortodossa di Cipro, di celebrare la messa nei territori occupati.

Si tratta dell'ennesima proibizione a danno dei cristiani residenti nei territori occupati a Cipro. Purtroppo tale disegno ha provocato numerosi danni a edifici religiosi cristiani. Ancora oggi sono centinaia i luoghi di culto e i monumenti saccheggiati, rovinati e sottoposti ad atti vandalici. Le Chiese di San Eufemiano e di San Caralambo sono due esempi evidenti della devastazione dei turchi.

Vi sono decine di migliaia di turco-ciprioti che attraversano ogni giorno i sette check point che permettono la circolazione tra i territori occupati e quelli liberi. Le condizioni di vita dei cristiani residenti nei territori occupati non sembrano migliorare. Prima sono stati deportati gli abitanti, ora si tratta di cancellare ogni traccia di presenza cristiana e greca. Non ritiene preoccupante, anche ai fini della tutela del patrimonio artistico ed architettonico, che i saccheggi e le devastazioni continuino?

Il regime di occupazione turco ha respinto le richieste del vescovo di Neapolis, Porfirio, e del sacerdote Diomidis Konstantinou, ambedue della Chiesa ortodossa di Cipro, di celebrare la messa nei territori occupati. Come valuta questi gesti di chiusura e intolleranza verso i cristiani alla luce del supposto processo di integrazione che dovrebbe portare la Turchia a divenire Stato membro dell'UE? Dapprima sono stati deportati gli abitanti, mentre ora si tratta di cancellare ogni traccia di presenza cristiana e greca: sono infatti centinaia i luoghi di culto cristiani e i monumenti archeologici saccheggiati, sconsacrati e sottoposti a vandalismi.

Is the Commission aware of this incident? What policies does it intend to implement to ensure that the right to religious freedom in Northern Cyprus is not violated? What does it intend to do to enable Bishop Christoforos to celebrate services in the occupied areas, particularly those relating to Holy Week?

Given Turkey's continued implementation of this policy in occupied Cyprus, particularly in Karpasia:. Does the Commission intend to take any measures so that the occupying authorities and the Turkish Government cease this flagrant violation of the religious freedoms of Greek Cypriots, and in particular those forming part of the enclaved community in occupied Karpasia?

If so, what are these measures? This is yet another prohibition placed upon Christians living in the occupied territory in Cyprus. Recently, moreover, the Bishop of the Karpasia peninsula, Christoforos, has been added to the list of people who are permanently denied entry to the occupied territory of Cyprus. What annoys the general public is the brazen attitude of the Turkish occupying regime, which has confirmed on many occasions its desire to facilitate celebrations of the Christian liturgy. Unfortunately, this plan has resulted in significant damage to Christian religious buildings.

Even today, hundreds of places of worship and monuments are being looted, damaged and vandalised. There are tens of thousands of Turkish Cypriots every day who cross the seven checkpoints that allow movement between the occupied and free territories. Thanks to the transit points, people can go to work and access medical assistance and other services. The living conditions of Christians living in the occupied territories do not seem to be improving.

The violations of human rights and religious freedom continue right under the noses of the international community. Konstantinou have been refused permission to celebrate a Sunday service. First, inhabitants were deported and now Turkish forces are attempting to remove every trace of Christian and Greek presence in the area. Hundreds of Christian places of worship and archaeological sites have been ransacked, desecrated and vandalised. These are the transit points that allow movement across the ceasefire line into the free territories of Cyprus for tens of thousands of Turkish Cypriots for work, to gain access to free medical care or to obtain travel documents so that they can expatriate.

How long will she continue to tolerate the prohibition of religious freedom on EU territory? Does she not also consider it worrying, in terms of protecting artistic and architectural heritage, that the plundering and destruction is continuing? What measures does she intend to take in respect of Turkey to safeguard religious freedom in Cyprus and to protect its artistic and cultural heritage?

The latest in a long line of prohibitions comes after Christoforos, Bishop of Karpasia, was added to the list of people who are permanently denied entry into the occupied territory of Cyprus. How does the Commission intend to stop the plan by Ankara to reduce the religious freedom of Christians still living in the territories occupied by the Turkish armed forces? What view does it take of these obstructive and intolerant gestures towards Christians in view of the supposed process of integration that should be bringing Turkey closer to becoming a member of the EU?

Recent days have seen yet another serious violation of religious freedom in Cyprus: the occupying Turkish regime rejected requests by two Cypriot ecclesiastics, Bishop Porphyrios of Neapolis and Father Diomidis Konstantinou, both members of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, to celebrate mass in the occupied territories. This new ban has come shortly after Bishop Christoforos of the Karpass peninsula was included on a list of people permanently barred from entering the occupied territories of Cyprus; that episode had already sparked numerous protests by many international personalities and agencies, promptly ignored and disregarded by the Turkish regime.

Initially, the inhabitants were deported, while now it is a case of erasing all traces of Greek and Christian presence. Indeed, hundreds of Christian places of worship and archaeological monuments have been looted, desecrated and subjected to vandalism. Moreover, what measures does she intend to take specifically to defend the freedom and respect for the fundamental rights of EU citizens who live in a territory not governed by a Member State, through no fault of their own? Qual a possibilidade de ser criado um instrumento de financiamento europeu semelhante ao FEG mas que atue preventivamente evitando o encerramento das empresas?

The majority of European countries are facing serious economic and budgetary difficulties, requiring governments to adopt harsh measures that reduce family income and, as a consequence, lower the propensity for private consumption;. Aside from the lack of consumer confidence, there are other factors that affect the sustainability of companies, such as foreign companies that are more competitive, a more favourable macroeconomic environment outside of Europe and the increasing demand for new products with greater added value;. Various European companies have been finding it extremely difficult to sell their products, applying structural adjustment plans that lead to entire workforces being dismissed;.

The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund EGF is a financial instrument that is only activated after companies have stopped their business activity. It cannot be used prior to this to address the economic difficulties companies face and thus protect jobs and maintain European ownership. What initiatives are being considered to support companies that are experiencing serious economic difficulties due to the financial crisis currently affecting the European Union?

What is the possibility of creating a European financial instrument similar to the EGF but that can act preventatively to stop companies from closing? Does it know how many European companies have already been acquired by their foreign counterparts? Does it not agree that this fact is worrying when it comes to the competitiveness of the European area? This includes access to finance, which will be one of the issues in this year's review of the Communication on industrial policy.

The Commission is not aware of any reliable data on the number of takeovers between direct competitors. Not all FDI constitutes acquisitions of companies, but such data illustrates that Europe is an attractive destination for FDI, and is also active in third countries. This is and remains the basic position of the Commission. Falls nein, warum nicht? Trifft es zu, dass es keine Geheimdokumente bzw. Um den Verwaltungsaufwand zu verringern, wurden diese Fragen in einer Anfrage zusammengefasst und die einzelnen Fragen mit einer laufenden Nummer versehen. Is it the case that there are no secret documents or secret parts of documents that relate to ACTA, just documents or parts of documents that are not intended for publication?

In order to reduce administrative effort, these queries have been framed within one question and have been numbered successively. The author of the question therefore politely requests that the individual queries should be answered with reference to their number. El art. The Commission has not received any specific information on the proposal referred to by the Honourable Member.

Within its competences, the Commission has always been strongly committed to ensuring that freedom of expression and information and freedom of assembly are strictly respected since they lie at the very base of a free, democratic and pluralist society. The Commission also stands for a freely accessible Internet and for freedom of expression and freedom of information via the Internet.

However, the Commission's powers regarding acts and omissions by Member States are limited to overseeing the application of European Union law, under the control of the Court of Justice of the European Union cf. Die EU-Kommission hat in ihrem aktuellen Zwischenbericht vom 8.

It indicated that Romania needs to make particular efforts with regard to public procurement. If so, what sums are involved? Have such penalties been imposed against Romania to date? The Commission identified deficiencies in the functioning of the management and control system related to public procurement for a number of programmes in Romania. Consequently, the Commission sent a warning letter to all programmes in Romania and invited the Romanian authorities to verify and improve the whole systems. In this context, the Commission is closely cooperating with the Romanian authorities in order to improve the public procurement system.

This procedure has not been applied to Romania thus far. Oggetto: Autorizzazione per l'immissione sul mercato di quattro varianti di soia OGM. A marzo la Commissione ha autorizzato l'immissione sul mercato per dieci anni, a fini alimentari e per produrre mangimi, di quattro varianti di soia OGM, la A della Bayer, la della Pioneer e le e Mon di Monsanto. Pur non essendo stato raggiunto il consenso politico da parte sia del Comitato preposto sia del Consiglio, la Commissione ha proceduto, come previsto dal regolamento CE n. Gli effetti sulla salute e sull'ambiente sono elementi attentamente considerati dall'EFSA ai fini della valutazione dei rischi connessi alle domande di commercializzazione di OGM.

Effects on health and the environment are elements watchfully assessed by EFSA in the risk assessment of applications for the placing on the market of GMOs. So far, no unexpected effects of these products were reported compared to those already considered in the risk assessments done for the initial authorisation. Therefore, at this point in time the Commission does not consider that there is a need to reconsider the current approach for the authorisation of GMOs for food and feed use. Oggetto: Additivi alimentari a base di alluminio.

L'Australia, per esempio, ha ritenuto necessario proibire l'uso del colorante E Per tale motivo la Commissione europea ha adottato misure per ridurre la dose di alluminio proveniente dagli additivi alimentari. Tali misure rientrano nei regolamenti EU n. Le misure proposte riguardano le principali fonti di alluminio legate agli additivi alimentari e dovrebbero produrre una riduzione dell'assunzione complessiva di alluminio.

The special interests are to investigate the role of technology for sustainability from an entrepreneurial perspective and to advance methods and tools for corporate sustainability management. Reichhaltige Zusammenstellung von www-Ressourcen zum gesamten Thema Chemie. Zudem werden die wichtigsten Kennzahlen seit sowie abgeschlossene und projektierte Massnahmen zur weiteren Verbesserung der Umweltleistungen dokumentiert.

An electronic version with selected articles in English is published along with a printed version in Norwegian. Die Kontaktstelle bietet Stelleninformationen, Beratung z. An independent non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting clean technology CT and cleaner production CP to industry, local authorities, government and society.

It assists organisations in developing cleaner technology programmes, EMS, eco-efficiency, waste minimisation techniques, etc. Und weiter, ob die Gewerkschaftsfreiheit und das Recht auf Kollektivverhandlungen garantiert wird. Der Club versteht sich auch heute als "globaler Think Tank", gibt Berichte heraus und veranstaltet Konferenzen. Dem Dialog mit Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften kommt dabei besonderer Wert zu. Museumonline Online wird eine Zusammenfassung angeboten. Care versucht die Steigerung der Ressourceneffizienz als Unternehmensziel zu verankern und zu operationalisieren, um so einen wirksamen Beitrag zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung von Unternehmen zu leisten.

Implements programs such as "Know Your Watershed". Simple and quick sundial instructions for children. All you need is a sunny day, a compass, a pencil, and a print-out of the website. How does a shadow tell time? Why doesn't the time on my Sun Clock exactly match the time on my watch?

Why do I have to put the pencil on different spots for different times of the year? B zu Gentechnik und Warenbeschaffung aufgelistet. Der Nachhaltigkeitsbericht kann als pdf-Datei heruntergeladen oder bestellt werden. Und damit wesentlich zur Vereinheitlichung und zum Erfolg dieses Labels beigetragen. A lot of information on company environmental reporting provided by the international institute for sustainable development.

Links to environmental reports from international companies around the world. FutureU has completed a comparative analysis of five frequently used course authoring tools. The course management programs reviewed include: 1. Blackboard's CourseInfo, 2. Virtual Learning Environment's VirtualU, 5. Kommentar: " Dazu beigetragen haben insbesondere die neuen Produktkennzahlen und die aufschlussreiche Auflistung des Nutzens aus dem Umweltmanagementsystem. An interesting and well-designed introduction to environmental indicators. Links to more than documents. Sehr genaue Beschreibung der zwei Prozessschritte, die aus Erdgas Wasserstoff herstellen.

Diese Methode der Wasserstoffgewinnung ist technisch sehr ausgereift. Fragen und Antworten zum elektromagnetischen Spektrum! Die geerbte Villa des verstorbenen Onkels muss renoviert werden, ohne die Umwelt zu belasten. Product of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis IIASA : CO2DB contains approximately technologies, including detailed technical, economic and environmental characteristics as well as data on innovation, commercialization and diffusion.

Die Datenbank will VerbraucherInnen helfen, eine sachgerechte und individuelle Kaufentscheidung zu treffen. In der Rubrik "Computer" werden z. Die etwas andere Medizin. A new energy project in Switzerland with pilots in Basel. Power and heat generation from deep enhanced geothermal systems. Seit Beginn der Industrialisierung ist unsere Wirtschaft im Gesamttrend immer materialintensiver geworden. Research covering a wide range of subjects including structural engineering, engineering systems, management of resources, land use engineering and geodetic technology.

Planen und Verbessern der gebauten Umwelt, sowie Einbringen der Grundlagenforschung in die historischen, technologischen und soziologischen Aspekte des Entwurfs. Focussed on the production of high quality food using environmentally acceptable systems and the protection of the cultivated landscape developed over the centuries. Eine sehr informative und hilfreiche Seite des britischen Umweltministeriums.

Das Departement besteht aus 9 Laboratorien mit insgesamt 15 Professoren. Generation, transmission, distribution, and storage of electric energy; various applications in industry, transport and appliances.

J'N'C Magazine 1/ by J'N'C Magazine - Issuu

Access to renewable energy sources. Juni findet der 4. Zahlreiche Publikationen und Gutachten z. In der Volltextsuche findet man unter dem Stichwort "Umwelt" oder "Oekologie" zahlreiche Artikel aus der gleichnamigen Zeitschrift. Besonderes: ein kleines Solarglossar. Besonders interessant: die Kapitel "Mobilfunk" und "Der Vorsorgegedanke". Sucht parallel in Dutzenden von deutschsprachigen Suchmaschinen. Stand Feb. Die Redaktion versucht, den jeweils besten Einstiegspunkt zu einem Thema anzubieten. Die Anschaffungskosten von ca.

Der Tipp: Tageslicht nutzen, denn der Energieverbrauch sinkt, das Wohlbefinden der Mitarbeitenden steigt. Stress - nur eine Modeerscheinung oder ein ernsthaftes Problem in unserer heutigen Zeit? Eine statistische Auswertung einer Befragung von Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmern. Auf der Webseite finden sie Informationen zur Umweltpolitik der Post, zum Umweltmanagement - System, zu den Umweltwirkungen und -zielen, sowie zu verschiedenen Massnahmen und Erfolgskontrollen.

Nahezu 3. Solarstrom AG beteiligt. Mit dem Aktienkapital baut und betreibt die Gesellschaft grosse Solarkraftwerke. Der erzeugte Solarstrom wird an die Energie- und Wirtschaftsunternehmen verkauft. Sakku, Strom aus der Tasche - seit ! Sakku ist die erste schweizer Kurriertasche mit integrierten flexieblen Solarzellen, die dank ihrem Akku genug Energie aus Sonnenlicht speichern kann um einen iPod oder PDA bzw.

Handy aufzuladen. Die Taschen sind aus ausgedienten Segeln und flexiblen wasserfesten Solarzellen gefertigt. Die verschiedenen Haupttypen reagieren unterschiedlich auf Sonnenlicht. Die Datengrundlage bildet das System Soziale Indikatoren. Comparison of software for Long-distance Learning. One among several features of a commercial site. Well-structured site with introductory materials, funding resources, comments etc.

Auf der Webseite ist jedoch leider keine Dokumentation zu finden. CH verglichen. Unter anderem findet man hier Probefahrten, einen Veranstaltungskalender, Presseberichte und viele Links. Climate protection is an economical chance. Special feature: free tool to get a brief overview about the suitability of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects for gaining extra profit out of trading CO2 certificates.

Sehr informativer Einstieg mit kurzen Zusammenfassungen zu den Schwerpunktthemen. Die Organisation bietet Seminare und Workshops an. Sehr informatives Netzwerk mit zahlreichen Erfahrungsbeispielen im Hochschulbereich, vorwiegend in Deutschland. Mit Praxisbeispielen, Veranstaltungshinweisen und einer umfangreichen Literatursammlung. Ziel von eco-campus. Besonderes: Umfangreiche Sammlung von ausleihbaren Videos. The overall research topic is "ecological and evolutionary aspects of population regulation in plants and animals".

Alle Informationen in Englisch. Das Programm hat einen Schwerpunkt in Medizin und Umweltschutz. Der download der Artikel ist kostenpflichtig, im Abonnement aber inbegriffen. Der Ratgeber kann heruntergeladen werden pdf, 5 MB. Case studies on environment and sustainable development. A comprehensive source of news and information for professionals in the environment sector.

Puzzles, Leitprogramme, Fallstudien. The site provides resources for environmental teaching. Data and infos on environmental topics. Im weiteren werden Tipps zur Temperatureinstellung und Wartung gegeben. Kosten: Mit einem Internet-Quiz und einem riesigen Glossar. Unterrichtsmaterialien, Links und Softwaretips " Eine sehr informative Einsteigsseite zum Thema Nachhaltige Geldanlagen.

The mission is "to ensure that environmental considerations are integrated and imbedded into electronics products and processes from design and manufacturing to end of life. Diese Wellen bestehen aus elektrischen oder magnetischen Schwingungsfeldern, die mit Zellen, Pflanzen, Tieren oder Menschen interagieren. Sie finden hier Informationen zu Bildschirmen, Mikrowellen, Mobilfunk und vielem mehr. EMF-Link provides substantive information on biological and health effects of electric and magnetic fields EMFs from common sources such as power lines, electrical wiring, appliances, medical equipment, communications facilities, cellular phones, and computers.

Die Kernfragen sind: Was kann die digitale Revolution zu einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung beitragen? Die auf dem Werkplatz EMS domizilierten Gruppengesellschaften bekennen sich zu einer zukunftsorientierten und nachhaltigen Entwicklung. The whole Encyclopaedia Britannica online on the web. Selected articles from more than 70 of the world's top magazines--including Newsweek, Discover, and The Economist--provide additional feature and current-events coverage.

Ein vom deutschen Wirtschaftsministerium vor ein paar Jahren herausgegebenes Werbespiel. Und ein absolut gelungenes dazu. Ein wirklich gutes Spiel. Kommentar von Gonga. Woher stammt der Strom? Wie sieht die Versorgungslage auf den verschiedenen Kontinenten aus? In diesem Zuordnungs-Spiel findet man die Antworten,. Zudem erteilt er u. Die EOL energie-online. Die Partner von EOL werden kurz portraitiert.

Siehe auch Hauptseite. Seit dem 1. Hier finden sich auch viele Energiespartipps. Viele z.

Der Elektro-Energieverbrauch in Verwaltungs- und Gewerbebauten ist in den letzten 15 Jahren um den Faktor 3 gestiegen. Lohnt sich der Einsatz von Stromsparlampen? A Toolkit contains links to all sorts of energy efficiency related tools, such as: Databases, decision support tools, fact sheets, conversion tables, calculation programmes, analysis tools, etc.

ERG has undertaken research, development, consulting, education and dissemination activities on energy utilization in buildings and climate-sensitive architectural design. Through Best Practice, the DOE collaborates with energy consumers in the UK and with those who offer consumers advice, services and techniques to help them improve their energy efficiency. A wide range of guidance literature on energy efficiency in buildings. Die Energieverwertungsagentur E. Gleichzeitig werden die finanziellen Sparpotentiale vorgerechnet. Basis des Wettbewerbs ist die Internetseite www.

Higher energy efficiency can also be achieved by making sensible decisions about future energy consumption, e. However, this is rarely done, as the study reported here demonstrates. Data was collected in two ways: via energy audits and in interviews with a sample of building and organisation representatives. The study analyses electric energy intensities, changes in the stock and control of end-use equipment which I refer to as energy-relevant events and the decision-making behind these changes.

Energy conservation measures were found to be more frequently implemented in buildings with professional energy managers or where energy was monitored by a director. However, only one seventh of the accumulated effect of all the consumption-decreasing events were caused by explicit conservation measures.

In contrast, almost four fifths of the decreasing effect was caused by events where energy savings were not an issue e. Thus, in this case, a model of purposive action fails to explain energy consequences. In such situations, it is more appropriate to use a model of organisational decision-making and to analyse the enforcing and constraining impact of social institutions and technical infrastructures.

Mitglied des Arbeitskreises Naturtextilien. The terms "global warming" and "greenhouse effect" have been bandied about for years. How much do you know about these environmental buzzwords? Click here to take ENN's global warming quiz. The report has been generated in response to a request from the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament.

The report on environmental taxes is targeted at policy-making agents and the public. Published Provided by the European Environment Agency. EnviroWindows facilitates consumer access to company's information on products, best practices, use of natural resources, and corporate environmental performance. It helps local authorities to communicate with concerned citizens, professionals, policy makers and companies. An Environmental Defense web site, where you can find out what pollutants are being released into your community and make comparisons with other counties in the United States.

The service includes searchable links to hundreds of carefully-screened environmentally-related resources, selected and indexed by the editors at Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. In addition, the site provides access to proprietary environmentally-related databases and to daily updates of environmentally-related news stories, regulations and legislation, plus much, much more.

A monthly newsletter on environmentally responsible design and construction - from renewable energy and recycled-content materials to land-use planning and indoor air quality. EBN is "read by several thousand architects and builders throughout the U. Im Forum wurden z. Thw Network, offers environmental news, consisting of press releases and brief news summaries of recent environmental industry events, as well as searchable directories of professional environmental services, equipment and technology, government agencies and business opportunities. A searchable database leads to an "Infobase" of environmental services.

A Network and forum of about individuals and organisations who share an interest in environmental law. Umfassendes Informationsangebot. Vorwiegend in Englisch. Environmental Finance ist eine monatlich erscheinende Zeitschrift, welche sich weltweit mit umweltpolitischen Themen im Finanzsektor befasst, unter anderem mit dem Emissionshandel.

Mogeln ist verboten. Die jeweils 20 Fragen werden monatlich gewechselt und der Monatssieger bekommt einen Preis. Sehr empfehlenswert, mit vielen medizinischen Informationen. Energieverbrauchszahlen der Schweiz und weltweit. Unter "waste topics" finden Sie Hintergrundinfos zu rund einem Duzend Themen von "batteries" zu "waste oils". Designed to help potential project sponsors write a business plan with a focus on energy efficiency projects. CH erhoben. Schwerpunkte sind Bilding, Kommunikation, umweltbezogene Sozialforschung und die lokale Agenda The site also offers excerpts of the magazine "Wind Directions" on-line.

It acts as a catalyst for the development of science by bringing together leading scientists and funding agencies to debate, plan and implement pan-European initiatives. Homepage of the Commission of the European Union for environment related issues. Site is available in 11 languages. Speeches, legislation, background documentation, links. Eine umfangreiche Adressenliste findet sich in der "Directory of Organizations".

A leading publisher of specialised EU information. Some of the dossiers such as "European Union activities on environmental matters" are available on-line in part. Analysis and up-to-date information of current EU affairs. Links to other EU-forums. ECRR supports the development of river restoration as an integral part of sustainable water management throughout Europe ensuring that projects will be more cost effective, more likely to succeed, and will encompass multifunctional objectives.

Brings together international, European, national and local public authorities, companies, trade unions, environmental and other NGOs to improve the understanding of sustainable development and of what it means in practice. Database specifically designed to support the needs of the social partners to promote sustainable development from a practical company level to a policy level.

Information and tools provided in particular for SMEs. Die Seite bietet eine umfassende Datenbank zu den verschiedensten Aspekten von Umweltfragen in vielen Sprachen. Linkliste zu Umweltorganisationen in den verschiedensten Bereichen erneuerbarer Energien. The research and teaching activities concentrate on topics of ecology and evolution. The main subjects are host-parasite interactions of invertebrates and their parasites and diseases.

Kurze und klare Antworten auf diese komplexe Frage finden Sie unter:. Kommentar: "Der Konzernreport In diesem Artikel wird diese Fragestellung mit einer Gerichtsverhandlung verglichen. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass der Mensch wohl nicht mit einem Freispruch davonkommen wird. Der Tourismus beeinflusst den Klimawandel, vor allem durch das damit verbundene Verkehrsaufkommen. Aber der Klimawandel beeinflusst auch den Tourismus: Die Schneefallgrenze steigt. Die Gletscher schmelzen. Der Meeresspiegel steigt. In diesem Artikel werden diese Wechselwirkungen genauer analysiert.

Besonderes: Laermerlebniswelt "laermorama". Das Portal bietet auch ein redigiertes Diskussionsforum zu Tourismusthemen und einen Shop. Contracting Ausgabe der Fachzeitschrift Faktor. Detaillierte Berichte zum contracting Standort Schweiz. Eine interessante, gut strukturierter Knotenpunkt zum Thema Nachhaltige Entwicklung.

Siehe insbesondere: "Eine Canman runde: So wird's richtig gemacht! Ein Netzwerk der Flachsnutzung. The center promotes energy-efficient building design. BDAC provides the architectural and engineering community with free design assistance through plan reviews, building energy simulations, development of construction details, and assists with selection of appropriate materials and equipment.

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Reduktion des Wasserverbrauchs oder Abfallvolumens pro Fluggast. Der Umweltbericht kann bestellt werden. Das Themenspektrum des deutschen Forschungsverbunds umfasst solare und erneuerbare Energien. Siehe insbesondere Solarkraftwerke. Forschungsprojekte, Bibliothek, Diskussionsforum, online Publikationen und Newsletter. Ausgezeichnete Startseite zum Thema Umweltbildung. The Swiss Biodiversity Forum is the platform for information exchange in the field of biological diversity.

Interessant sind auch der Kriterienkatalog sowie das angewandte Kontrollsystem. Haben Sie Fragen wissenschaftlicher Natur? Erhalten Sie hier Antwort darauf! Angebot der Zeitschrift Scientific American. Ein deutscher Reiseanbieter, der Arbeitsurlaub in verschiedenen Regionen Europas anbietet.

Das Forschungsinstitut entwickelt Komponenten, Materialien und Verfahren auf den Gebieten Solarthermie, Solares Bauen, Solarzellen, elektrische Energieversorgung, chemische Energiewandlung und Speicherung sowie rationelle Energienutzung. Auch auf dem Internet ist das Aufgeben der Inserate gratis.

Und dann greift man am besten zum Telefon.

Research in Related Disciplines and Non-Anglophone Areas

Die Abfrage nach dem Stichwort "Umwelt" lohnt sich. Gemeinsam mit unseren Mitgliedsunternehmen und Partnern aus Wissenschaft und Politik entwickeln wir praxisnahe Konzepte und Instrumente zur Umsetzung. Besteht seit Reports on the sustainability indicator "Genuine Progress Indicator" provided by by the U.

The main research and teaching activities are in the fields of plant ecology, plant evolution, and the systematics of higher plants and fungi. In der Schweiz stehen bereits 20' geothermische Anlagen erfolgreich in Betrieb. Adressliste mit ausgewiesenen Spezialisten und Veranstaltungsprogramm. Kostenpflichtige Publikation, 1 Euro. Eigentlich eine Seite zu Licht und Lichtschutz in Museen.

GSSD is a multi-dimensional knowledge networking system of public und private networks. It supports knowledge management and meta-networking functions dedicated to improved decision-making and policy in the domain of "sustainable development". The GSSD knowledge base is organized around 14 issue areas. It contains reports as well as a search function and the GSSD consortium. Ein Schwerpunkt liegt in der Umweltbildung. Die Organisation bietet daher neben Publikationen aus eigenen Projekten und auch Schulungsmaterial an. A searchable database of more than energy efficiency and renewable energy annotated Web links.

The site provides case studies, reports, publications, economic analyses, Product directories, discussion groups, country profiles, mitigation assessments, and other beneficial resources. A dynamic, knowledge-based meta-networking system for supporting decision and policy, and representing stakeholder expression and interest. Auf der Themenliste sind u. The Global Knowledge Partnership is committed to ensuring that young people age are recognized as full partners in briding the digital divide.

Ein umfangreiches Dossier zum Thema nachhaltiger Tourismus. Mit ca 20 Kurzartikeln: z. Was treibt uns in die Ferne? Sanfter Tourismus - die Alternative? Tourismus aus der Sicht des Gastgeberlandes. Pro und Contra 'All Inclusive'. Alle weiteren Informationen dazu finden sich auf der Webseite des schweizerischen Projekts: www. Zu jedem Bereich gibt es kurze Wissensquiz zur Repetition. Die Massnahmen reichen von Wasser- und Energiesparmassnahmen, konkreten Artenschutzprojekten z. European and American case studies in green budget reform. Annotated Bibliography. To advance the energy and environmental performance of buildings through the creation, exchange and application of appropriate and timely information.

See: The GBTool software has been developed as part of the international Green Building Challenge process, which now includes 20 national teams. Je nach Rating erhalten die Hotels 1 - 5 Green Leafs.

Auf der Webseite werden das Zertifizierungsverfahren beschrieben und verschiedene Dokumente zum Download angeboten. Investitionskosten, Performance, Trend und die Entwicklung in der Zukunft. A summary of news on sustainable building design and related government and business issues. Magazine published every two weeks. Good example of Knowledge Transfer through newsletters. Nachhaltige Finanzprodukte der Swisscanto, einem Gemeinschaftsprojekt der schweizerischen Kantonalbanken. Eine sehr interessante Sammlung von Umweltkarten v.

Kampagne zu Chemikalien in und auf Textilien, die im Vorfeld einer EU-Debatte zur chemikalienpolitik lanciert wurde Mit Bericht im. Grosses Webportal mit Links zu professionellen Angeboten im Umweltbereich. Die Plattform wird in Deutsch, Englisch und Russisch angeboten. Entsorgung, Abwasser gesucht werden. Interessante Einstiegsseite. Unterrichtsmaterial speziell zur gleichnamigen Wanderausstellung. The institute develops indicators on the progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment.

A valuable introduction on Indicators. Each year, HNMUN brings together more than students and faculty advisors from colleges and universities across the globe and provides them with a unique opportunity to experience the challenges of international negotiation. It is not clear how active the plattform is today. Klasse entstanden ist. Holcim publizierte seinen ersten Nachhaltigkeitsbericht im Jahr Der Bericht ist auf Englisch, eine Zusammenfassung zum downloaden jedoch auch auf Deutsch vorhanden.

Eine der ersten Provider, der seinen Energiebedarf mit Solarenergie deckt und dies auch gezielt in der Kommunikation einsetzt. Ein Angebot der Firma Avireal. Siehe insbesondere: Hotel Optimizer. Die griechische Luxus-Hotelgruppe ist nach ISO zertifiziert und hat sich damit zu einer kontinuierlichen Verbesserung der Umweltleistung verpflichtet.

Auf der Webseite finden Sie u. Das Umweltprogramm wird kurz beschrieben und einige Kennzahlen werden vorgestellt. The ICNIRP Website wants to disseminate information and its advice on the potential hazards of exposure to non-ionizing radiation to everyone with an interest in the subject. Hintergrundinformationen zu Johannesburg, Publikationen und Links - dies und vieles mehr finden Sie auf dieser Seite. Datenbank, Links und Fachartikel. Die Datenbank kann nach Arten durchsucht werden. Einige Informationen werden leider nicht mehr aktualisiert Anmerkung Aug.

Empfehlenswert ist auch die Rubrik Kernenergie interaktiv mit einem online-Rechner, einer Nuklidkarte, Videos u. Die Seite bietet Kurzinformationen und Links zu den verschiedenen Planungstools. Dazu findet man auch Energiespartipps. The main research objective is the development of more efficient, safer, environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes. Forschungsinstitut mit Schwergewicht betriebliches Umweltmanagement.

Laufend aktualisierte Liste der Umweltberichte von Schweizer Firmen. Ein praxisorientiertes und finanziell weitgehend selbsttragendes Hochschulinstitut. The institute consists of two research groups, one concerned with the global climate and the other with the regional climate and hydrological cycle. Both groups are active in modelling as well as in field experiments. All groups are engaged in applied science. The main research topics: transport and phase-exchange mechanisms of colloids, heavy metals, pesticides and nutrient transport in agricultural and forested land, use of gene probes to investigate natural microbial processes, modelling plant succession in a warming climate.

Research and education activities in the broad area of energy, the various applications of thermal sciences being the central point. Dabei wird ein Gleichgewicht zwischen den Natur-, den Geistes- und den Sozialwissenschaften angestrebt. NLU ist als Neben- bzw.

Das Ausbildungsziel ist es, Grundlagen zu aktuellen Problemen und Fragestellungen im naturwissenschaftlichen Bereich des Umweltschutzes sowie deren praxisorientierte Umsetzung spezifisch und vertiefend zu vermitteln. On this site you find a lot of knowledge base about actions at IISD, research and analysis and some online modules like sustainable toolkits for communities. Global network for promoting renewable energy. Contributes worldwide to technical and scientific projects. Editor of diverse journals and books.

The committee responsible for developing the ISO series of standards and guidance documents. The site offers access to a wide range of information on the technical committee and ISO series of standard. Short and comprehensive introduction to a basic knowledge about indicators. A non-governmental, non-profit organization with the objective of supporting and enhancing lifelong technical education and training and advanced engineering education world-wide.

Zweite Einstiegsseite von www. In collaboration with international agencies and organizations, WHO is pooling resources and knowledge concerning effects of exposure to EMF. This site provides details of the organizational structure, current and long-term activities, results of scientific meetings, current and future scientific meetings and related events, and publications. IRN supports local communities working to protect their rivers and watersheds.

We work to halt destructive river development projects, and to encourage equitable and sustainable methods of meeting needs for water, energy and flood management. The pages inludes a lot of information on stratospheric ozone depletion, deforestation, sustainable development and other informaion concerning global warming as well as related policy trends and scientific reports. Auf der Webseite finden Sie zum Beispiel:.

Aims to assist users in identifying and researching socially-responsible funds. Database with over different funds. Users can select those environmental and social screens that most reflect their personal values. International ausgerichtet. The case studie includes paper, water and energy saving measures as well as numerous communication and educational projects. The eco-design savings rs. Its mission is to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable.

Climate change, forests, species survival, wetlands and waterressources, red lists Forschungseinrichtung des Landes Hessen und der Stadt Darmstadt. Interessante Einstiegsseite zum Thema Papier mit einer umfassenden kommentierten Linkliste zu Forstwirtschaft und Papierproduktion. Koordiniert von Wolfgang Sachs vom Wuppertal Institut.

Das Projekt wurde von Greenpeace initiiert und wird heute von verschiedenen Organisationen getragen. Juvent SA is a swiss-based joint venture company which intends to commercialize windenergy and to provide related services, including the production of windpower at optimum economical and ecological conditions. Wie Sie Ihr Auto in Form halten. Blitzblankes Auto ohne chemische Wundermittel. Was ist Strom? Was muss passieren, bis er aus der Steckdose kommt? Was bedeutet eigentlich sauberer Strom? Das Institut befasst sich mit Landwirtschaft, Gentechnologie, Elektrosmog , Umweltmanagement und anderem.

Kein Spiel im engeren Sinn. Ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt des Hamburger Bildungsserver und learn-line. Klimaproblematik, Klimapolitik und Klimadienstleistungen. Sehr informative Seite zum Treibhauseffekt und zur Schweizer Rolle in der internationalen Klimapolitik. Politik und Klima - Klimakonventionen. Sehr interessante und aktive Diskussionsgruppe. This glossary provides a guide to the rich terminology of knowledge management. This list of 44 terms includes knowledge management itself, as well as the key related concepts of data, information and knowledge.

Many of these terms have entered the discourse on development and are used by many commentators without the awareness that they are part of the knowledge management lexicon. Best practice, communities of practice and core capabilities are examples of this. Das Magazin bietet einen gepflegtem Veranstaltungkalender, Checklisten u. Siehe insbesondere Checklisten und zahlreiche Musterkalkulationen.

Nach Ansicht des U. Zahlreiche Informationen zu Gesundheitsaspekten von Ozon , Richt-, Grenz- und Anhaltswerte, lmmissionssituation in Europa und weiteres mehr. Kurze Artikel sind kostenlos. Bulletin, Artikel, Pressemitteilung mit Abbildungen und Statistiken. Ein besonderes Augenmerk gilt der Zertifizierung nach der internationalen Umweltnorm ISO, welche Kuoni als erster und bislang einziger Schweizer Reiseveranstalter erlangt hat. Der sozialen Verantwortung wird im nun erschienenen Report ein ganzes Kapitel gewidmet. The laboratory studies impact of air pollution on the Alpine region.

Thre groups work in the fields of gas phase chemistry, aerosol chemistry, and the source-sink identification between the atmosphere and the vegetation. Organic materials science fullerenes and synthetic carbon allotropes, carbon-rich nanomaterials for electronic and optical applications, rational approaches to diamond synthesis.

Chemical engineering, industrial chemistry and catalysis with present day constraints environment, raw materials, energy, profitability taken into account. Zudem erhielt das Hotel den Green Globe Award. Das Vorgehen und die Kriterien werden kurz beschrieben. Zum Link. Glossar Fotogalerie Datenbank der aufgelisteten Arten.

Moor und Recht; Was ist ein Moor? Siehe insbesondere: Rechtsgrundlagen zur Berner Konvention. Siehe insbesondere: Unterrichtsunterlagen www. Umfangreiches Datenmaterial zum Verkehr in den Vereinigten Staaten. Der Anteil der Bahn am weltweiten Verkehrsmarkt nahm seit Beginn des Jahrhunderts kontinuierlich ab und ist heute deutlich geringer als der des Strassenverkehrs.

Beratungsfirma, welche u. Besonderes: Die diabolischen Tipps von Dr. In Verkehr gesetzte neue Fahrzeuge nach Fahrzeugart: Jahresergebnisse. Siehe auch die Seite der internationalen Dachorganisation www. Teil Energie. The Green Car Journal of the worldwide automotive environmental industry. Zum Quiz. Helvetas -Leben braucht Wasser. Enhance cooperation between the countries searching for viable water management options.

Siehe insbesondere Entsorgungswegweiser Stichwort Markt. Checklisten und weitere Arbeitsmaterialien zu Umweltmanagement in Gemeinden. Inhalte des UMS-Skriptes 1. Entwicklungen im unternehmerischen Umweltschutz 2. Was ist ein Umweltmanagementsystem? Struktur der ISO 4. Grundlegende Merkmale der ISO 5. Inhaltliche Anforderungen der ISO 6. Nutzen und Erfolgspotentiale von UMS 7.

Eine riesige Linksammlung zum Bildungsbereich im deutschsprachigen Raum. Siehe insbesondere Stromspartipps. Inseltourismus und seine Auswirkungen auf Boden und Relief. Interaktive Online-Kurse u. Biologie zum Selbststudium. Wussten Sie, dass Sehr informative, erfrischende Zeitschrift, die 4 mal pro Jahr erscheint: Die letzten Schwerpunkthemen: Bitte einsteigen! Themenschwerpunkt Abfall in "Umwelt Deutschland " - einer multimedialen Erlebnisreise. Stiftung zur Erhaltung des genetischen und kulturellen Erbes von Tieren und Pflanzen.

Aargauer Firmenareale werden "Naturparks der Schweizer Wirtschaft". Siehe "Environmental Charter" in 9 Sprachen. Die Homepage ist noch nicht sehr umfangreich. Deutsche Umweltkommunikationsfirma - unter den Referenzen finden Sie zahlreiche Umweltberichte. Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Link zum Nachhaltigkeitsbericht. Interessanter Fachartikel. Direkter Link zum Artikel. Biologische Wirkungen von elektromagnetischen Feldern und Wellen. Read about the outcomes of the world summit in Johannisburg for the business sector and which actions the businiss is willing to take for a more sustinable world Sustainable Business Investor: Everything about the world summit in Johannisburg and the consequences for the business sector.

Preis Historical Climatology Network. Stellungnahme von Clean Clothes Campaign zu den grossen Kleiderfabrikationsfirmen. Direkter Link zum Umweltbericht. Direkter Link zum Nachhaltigkeitsbericht.