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If something bad happens to these people [animal researchers], it will discourage others. It is inevitable that violence will be used in the struggle and that it will be effective.

In Plain View | The New Yorker

Vlasak responded in a press release that the allegations were part of a smear campaign against him. He wrote: "I was outraged by Jamie Doward's article in the Observer stating that I, a medical doctor who spends my entire life SAVING lives, is calling for or encouraging the assassination or killing of any being, human or non human.

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People have been killed over absolutely ridiculous things like oil, power and money. It would be "speciesist" of me to say that in a battle for the moral and ethical high ground I'm not encouraging or calling for this, I am simply stating that the animal rights movement is and has been the most peaceful and restrained movement the world has ever known considering the amount of terror, abuse and murder done to innocent animals for greed and profit.

If by chance violence is used by those who fight for non human sentient beings, or even if there are casualties, it must be looked at in perspective and in a historical context.

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He told the BBC's Today program: "I am personally not advocating, condoning or recommending that anybody be killed. I am a physician who saves lives. I spend my entire day saving people's lives. All I am saying, in a historical context, violence has been used against us as animal rights campaigners and against the animals and is no different from us using violence on the other side.

On Australian television a few months later he said: "Would I advocate taking five guilty vivisectors' lives to save hundreds of millions of innocent animal lives? Yes, I would. As a result of the Observer article, the British government announced in August that Vlasak and his wife were banned from the UK. The Home Secretary told the couple that their presence in the UK "would not be conducive to the public good. Vlasak is one of two animal liberation press officers who have been banned from entering the UK.

Steven Best , professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, El Paso , was banned in to prevent him from addressing an animal rights conference there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Los Angeles CityBeat. Archived from the original on Retrieved 19 April Almost half more than four in ten of all children and young adults live in low-income households that are below percent of the poverty line. These families too often struggle to put food on the table and pay for basics like rent, mortgage, and utilities. Nearly 70 percent of poor children and over 80 percent of the larger group of low-income children live in families with at least one worker. More than half of low-income families with children have a full-time, full-year worker.

The Census data also shine a light on the stark disparities in poverty and income by race and region of the country. While overall poverty for all ages is highest in the South The poverty rate for African-Americans peaks at Please enable javascript for the optimal experience!

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Begin Typing to Search Submit Search. But just what we can put on our plates when we eat together is changing, thanks to climate change. So what will that holiday feast look like in ?

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Much of it depends on how quickly and seriously we act to cut carbon pollution today. But with climate change taking a toll on the maple syrup that goes into so many of these dishes, the holiday season could become a lot less sweet. In New Hampshire, for example, scientists have observed that the sap from maple trees that forms the base of the syrup has become less sweet in recent years. One reason? The cranberry is no fan of extreme weather. Frosts and floods can cut yields, and heat waves can cause an unpleasant rot. With temperatures on the rise — is on track to be the hottest year on record — cranberry-growers are facing an uncertain future.

Not everyone wants to go gluten-free these days. Especially as scientists project that warming temperatures mean yields of staple crops like wheat, corn, and rice will decline. Which is bad news for food-insecure nations that depend on them.