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Abstract Amorphous calcium carbonate ACC in its pure form is highly unstable, yet some organisms produce stable ACC, and cases are known in which ACC functions as a transient precursor of more stable crystalline aragonite or calcite. Citing Literature. Volume 15 , Issue 12 June, Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Does this person treat other people this way too? Does the presence of authority figures change their behavior?

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Do they only do this when they think there won't be witnesses, or do they do it regardless of who's around? This can help you tease out whether they're malicious or oblivious. Take a moment to consider the person's limitations. Is their behavior reasonable, given their age and abilities? Does it make sense when you consider these things? Is it possible that you need to adjust your own behavior like being a little more patient or a little more clear to help make up for this? Use this information to adjust your expectations, or figure out the best way to handle the problem. Kids are needy by nature.

If you're a parent or caregiver, your kid is going to ask for a lot of things, and the relationship may feel somewhat one-sided at times. Some mental illnesses and conditions can cause people to struggle with social skills. For example, a person with social anxiety might ask you to do "trivial" things like ordering for them at a restaurant because it's really hard for them, and a person with borderline personality disorder might not realize when they're crossing a boundary.

Not everyone can take a hint. Some people, especially kids and people with disabilities like autism, may not catch subtle signs that you're upset. You may have to explain it to them in order for them to be aware there's a problem. People with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses may sometimes seem to be overreacting or "playing the victim," when in truth they are suffering from an illness that distorts their sense of reality.

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This isn't healthy, but it usually isn't on purpose. Think about how much effort you're willing to put into this situation. Are you very invested in this relationship, or do you think you'd rather just let it fade? There isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer here. Think about whether you want to put in the work to help fix it. Method 2. Notice if they listen when you talk about your own life and problems. Do they show interest? Do they stay on-topic, or do they get bored or steer the conversation back to themselves?

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Is it frustrating to try to be heard? Some people are more self-centered than others, but a good friend will usually make an effort to listen and show that they care. Pay attention to whether your interactions are centered around them wanting favors. Do they only strike up conversations when they need something, or do they like chatting too? A good friend may ask for favors sometimes. They'll want to spend time with you just for fun too, and they'll also be willing to do reasonable favors for you if you ask.

Ask yourself if the things they request of you are reasonable. Good people are willing to put themselves in your shoes for a moment, and ask themselves if the favor is reasonable and fair. They wouldn't expect you to do something too stressful, harmful, or humiliating. Would you be willing to ask someone else for the same favor?

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Are they asking you to break rules or get in trouble? Are they encouraging you to do something too dangerous?

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Are they saying you should do something that seems undignified? Are they giggling about it, or wanting to take photos or video? If you express reservations, do they take you seriously, or do they keep pushing? Notice what happens when you set a boundary.

If you say something like "Not today" or "I need to think about it first," do they accept that answer, or push back? A good friend is willing to take "no" for an answer, because they recognize that you may have valid reasons to feel the way you do. A bad friend is only interested in what they want, so they may steamroll, guilt, or manipulate you into doing something you said "no" to.

Consider if you're always giving and they're always receiving. Healthy relationships involve a little give-and-take, with you being a giver sometimes, and sometimes the other person giving things to you. If you're constantly giving and they aren't putting in any effort to give back, then they may not be invested in the relationship. Consider emotional labor too. Are you always comforting and supporting them, without them ever doing the same for you when you need them? If you are both reasonably healthy adults, then there is no excuse for them not to put effort into the relationship or treat you as an equal.

Notice if spending time with them tends to make you feel drained. A positive relationship usually makes you feel positive, and you tend to smile not frown when you think of them. If they exhaust you, that's a sign that the relationship is one-sided. Method 3. Recognize excessive or goal-driven flattery. Good relationships do involve compliments and praise. But if someone praises you a lot, or praises you mostly before they need something and after you say yes, it might be that they're using praise as a tool to get what they want.

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Beware praise that sounds insincere, or related to hidden motives. I bet you'd have an easy time figuring out my homework. You fold it so beautifully, and you're so reliable. You're so organized and good at writing. Synonym study 2.


Advantage, benefit, profit all mean something that is of use or value. Advantage is anything that places one in an improved position, especially in coping with competition or difficulties: It is to one's advantage to have traveled widely. Benefit is anything that promotes the welfare or improves the state of a person or group: a benefit to society.

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Profit is any valuable, useful, or helpful gain: profit from trade or experience.