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For instance, there's the Morra, who plunges the world into eternal winter.

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But she also teaches Mons the meaning of love and helps him burn down his house after some Gypsies turn it into a middle school. Then there's the Gorbel. Amanda invented it to scare the Guest, but it ended up liking him best.

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A bit like a cat but more like a spider, it turned out a lot cuter than she'd intended. And the Wisps-they're pretty unhappy about being dead. Karl accidentally turned his smallest cousin into a Wisp.

They were trying to catch some lightning in a jar, but they caught the smallest cousin's ghost instead. Karl had to drown it for its own good.


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Something similar happened with his grandma Astrid and a rock named Melisande. But the loneliest character is probably Christian. He insists on being from Jamtland, where Karl and Amanda live. When his cousin Eskild got married, Christian rewrote their past so it's like The Little Mermaid, except Eskild drowns and Christian doesn't earn a soul.

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Toon meer Toon minder. Coba and Cenote Swim with Lunch Tour. Admission included with Go Cancun. Between and AD, Coba was one of the largest cities in the Classic Maya period with around 50, inhabitants. See More. Hours of Operation.


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Yolanda Jamison went to Merida in Yucatan for a supposedly ordinary job. But from the first, things did not seem just right. The huge casa de Suarezwas, dark and foreboding; the old Mayan chauffeur, Kin, was full of strange legends and prophecies of a new rise to glory of the long conquered Mayan people; and her old and proud pure Spanish employer, Senora Suarez, had some real or imaginary skeletons in her closet and some very real but contraband artifacts in her treasure room.


And then there was the dashing Juan, guide to the ruins, who flattered Yolanda with Latin charm, and the serious and aloof Paul, the American archaeologist who seemed perpetually annoyed at Yolanda's naivete. And, too, there was Maria, the maid, the girl who seemed so ignorant and yet who knew so much.

Yolanda found herself being drawn more and more into the dark affairs of the Suarez family, as Kin's legends of the wild winds that got out of control with the coming of the Spaniards seemed to come true. And then, one horrifying night, the storm and the lightning showed the full reality behind the facade. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.