Plates of Gold: The Book of Mormon Comes Forth

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Problems with the Gold Plates of the Book of Mormon

Brown was a Latter-day Saint author and historian whose emphasis was on the history and doctrine of Joseph Smith and his successors through Brigham Young. View more products by Matthew B. In BYU Magazine Spring this book was called "a fascinating, very readable volume fraught with many well-known, little-known, and generally unknown details" about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon.

The reviewer Richard H.

15 The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon

Cracroft calls this volume "engaging," "inspiring," "intriguing," and "well-anchored in historical sources. I couldn't agree more.

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There is really nothing new in this book. It rehashes the same information we already know about the coming for of the Book of Mormon. A Pillar of Light: The Hist How We Got the Book of Mormon. Richard E. Turley, Jr. Prophecies: Signs of the Ti Product Rating. The book was written upon thin sheets of gold.

This angel was the same Moroni who had buried the plates when he still lived on the earth. Moroni told Joseph that when the right time came, Joseph would be allowed to take the gold plates from their hiding place in the Hill Cumorah.

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Moroni also told Joseph many other important things about the gold plates and the special work Joseph was going to be called to do. When Moroni had finished speaking, the light surrounded Moroni and he returned to heaven.

As Joseph lay thinking about what had taken place, the light entered the room again. Moroni appeared a second time and gave Joseph the same message he had given him during the first visit. Then Moroni left the same way as before. Joseph again lay in his bed trying to understand all that had happened. Then, to Joseph's great surprise, Moroni appeared by his bed a third time and repeated again the story of the gold plates and Joseph's special work.

Moroni added that Satan would try to tempt Joseph to get the plates for money, but Joseph would be able to get the plates only to do Heavenly Father's work. Explain that Moroni told Joseph many things that night that were very important. He gave his message three times so Joseph would learn the message well. Soon after the angel Moroni left the third time, a rooster crowed, so Joseph knew that it was early morning.

Moroni's three visits had lasted all night. Joseph got out of bed but did not tell anyone what had happened.

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  4. After breakfast, he went with his father to the field to work. Joseph was so tired from his experience and lack of sleep that he could not work. His father, thinking he was sick, sent him home. Joseph started wearily for home, but as he was climbing over a fence, he fell to the ground because his strength failed him. After he lay there for a time, he heard a voice calling his name. It was the angel Moroni.

    Once again the angel repeated what he had told Joseph the night before. Then the angel told him to go back to his father and tell him all he had seen and heard. Joseph's father listened to every word and knew his son was telling the truth. He told Joseph to do exactly as the angel had said because the message was from Heavenly Father. Later that day, Joseph went to the Hill Cumorah to find the buried gold plates. When he got to the hill, he went straight to the place where the plates were buried.

    Read or tell in your own words what Joseph said he found there see Joseph Smith-History Explain that the angel Moroni appeared as Joseph was looking in the stone box. He told Joseph not to remove the plates because the time for Joseph to take them had not yet come. Moroni told Joseph Smith to return to the Hill Cumorah each year for four years. Joseph did this, and each time he visited there, he found Moroni waiting to teach him what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ wanted him to know. Finally, after four years, the time came to take the plates out of the box. The cover was taken off the stone box, and the gold plates were placed in Joseph's hands.

    Moroni told Joseph Smith to be very careful with them and to guard them with his life. Because wicked men would try to get them from him and would not do what Heavenly Father wanted done with the plates. Explain that the writing on the plates was in a language that Joseph could not read.

    Joseph received a special tool to help him translate the writing on the plates. Explain that the Urim and Thummim are like special glasses through which Joseph could look to help him translate the ancient writing on the plates. With Heavenly Father's help and by using the Urim and Thummim, Joseph was able to translate the words on the gold plates into words we could understand. When the translation into English was completed, the book was printed.

    It was called the Book of Mormon.

    Mary Muss​​elman Whitmer

    Hold up a Book of Mormon. Point out that this book is what Joseph translated from the gold plates. Point out that the Book of Mormon contains many separate books. The books in the Book of Mormon were named for the prophets who wrote on the plates.

    Evidences of the Book of Mormon: Translation

    Show the children how the book of Moroni is divided into chapters and verses.